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Kent catalytic three new board listing ceremony was held in Beijing


July 20,  2016,  my company officially in the National  SME share transfer system limited liability company three new board listing, securities referred to: Kent catalysis, securities code: 837696.

Three new board listing ceremony held in Beijing. Economic Development Zone, county committee, county Party Secretary Zheng Xudong, deputy governor Ying Wenbin, chairman Xiang Feiyong and the director of higher to 15 guests, center hall sounded the golden bell in the shares, marking the successful listing of Kent catalyst.

Zheng Xudong, deputy magistrate of Xianju County standing committee, said in his speech, Kent catalytic materials Co. Ltd. as the county catalytic materials industry leader, is one of the largest production enterprise - catalysis of quaternary ammonium and phosphonium compound materials in China, highlight the status of the industry, a wholly owned subsidiary of river west to chemical Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. Hope Kent company as a new three board version of the opportunity to seize the opportunity, in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system, with good use of capital market, and promote the development of enterprises in the direction of stronger and better.

Chairman and general manager Xiang Feiyong said: "the company will take this opportunity to further enhance the company's research and development efforts, improve the level of research and development, promote the construction of automation, improve the management efficiency of the company, for two to three years, the company's output value and tax revenue, profits doubled."

The "new three" is the National SME share transfer system, is approved by the State Council of the National Securities Exchange listed Limited by Share Ltd to provide services for the transfer of shares publicly, financing, mergers and acquisitions and other related business, compared with the motherboard, the gem, with low threshold, low cost, high speed, registration system, financing facilities the advantages of.

The success of the new three panel listing is an important milepost development history of Kent catalysis, but more is a new starting point, is a more responsibility and pay the trust. Under the background of economic globalization, the company through this enterprise booster for the development of three new board, to further improve the company's governance structure, optimize the company's management system, making the enterprise operation and healthy development in sufficient capital support.

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