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Kent catalyst was invited to attend the 2016 energy chemical industry green porous materials (mole...


From September 24, 2016 to 26, the company chairman and general manager Mr. Xiang Feiyong led some staff Kent catalytic headquarters and Hangzhou sales subsidiaries were invited to participate in the 2016 energy chemical industry green porous materials held in Shanghai "(molecular sieve) technology collaborative innovation forum".

The forum is organized by the Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry, the porous materials "coordinated development and sustainable technology innovation as the theme, well-known experts and enterprises to invite representatives in the field of molecular sieve exchange discussion, hope industry transition period of innovation of technology research and development and application of the porous materials of the latest developments, market trends and coordinated development strategy full of communication, to discuss the development of the road, to build China's molecular sieve industry" production, learning and research, collaborative development platform.
Kent catalytic material Limited by Share Ltd is a professional manufacturer of molecular sieve template agent, but also the forum was invited to the only one of the enterprises in the production of enterprises. The forum, chairman and general manager Mr. Xiang Feiyong entitled "Application of frontier molecular sieve porous materials of the forum activities, he introduces the advantages and characteristics of the template research and development, production and sales of Kent in catalytic molecular sieve, and share its molecular sieve on the understanding of the industry and the advanced idea, especially Kent catalytic achieve effective control of production cost and the current model in all kinds of industrial production on the template agent on the achievements made by the participants, causing hot.

At the same time, the company and the company set up the Kent catalytic mature products in the exhibition hall exhibition, attracted participants interest.

Forum on the morning of 26 successfully concluded, through the activities of the forum, Kent made numerous molecular sieve catalytic domain experts and enterprises representatives, the further understanding of the molecular sieve in the forefront of technology and market demand, but also improve the visibility of the Kent catalyst. Kent catalytic technology will continue to aim at the forefront in the field of industry, the ability to continuously improve their own R & D capability and technological innovation, strengthen scientific research institutions and universities, cooperation, and actively build a "production, learning and research, collaborative development platform.

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